A smart dog rescued the deaf boy’s life from the burning house


A brave dog saved his owner from house fire. The two years old pit bull acted so smart and quickly that the boy is alive. This fire took place in Indianapolis.

The deaf boy’s name is Nick Lamb. He is thirteen years old. The dog is named Ace. The boy and the dog are true and inseperable friends.

The deaf boy was alone at home for the first time. He was excited as he felt old enough to stay at home alone. He had an hearing aids in ears in general.

But the boy was sleeping without hearing aids and did not hear the house smoke alarm.

The dog licked the deaf boy’s face and the boy woke up when the fire was growing faster and faster.

The boy and the dog went out of the house quickly as all the house was covered by smoke. The reason of the fire is not known yet.

The dog is a true hero. The boy owes his life to the smart dog as he rescued his life.

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