A tiny puppy was lying in the street all covered in fleas and mange


This story is about a weak tiny puppy. The puppy was in a miserable state lying in the middle of the road. Many people passed by the puppy and neglected him.

The puppy was all in fleas and had a health problem anemia. The dog need very quick support and he also needed to be taken to an animal clinic.

Fortunately, a kind woman noticed the poor puppy in need of help. The woman felt sorry seeing the puppy all covered in fleas and hopelessly lying on the ground.

She took him to a vet immediately. The dog needed antibiotics and medical baths so that the fleas were removed.

The puppy began to feel safe when he felt he was rescued. The dog changed very quckily from weak and poor state into a healthy and happy dog.

He will have a forever home. He does not have to sleep outdoors. He is loved and taken care of.

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