Several stray dogs came to the funeral of the woman who fed them every day


The time the family members and friends were griefing Margarita Suarez of Merida’s death in Mexico, the present people were shocked to see many stray dogs  from the region come and see the woman for the last time.

It turned out that the woman used to give food and drink regularly to unsheltered cats and dogs every day.

She walked and carried a bag of food and other treatments and gave them to stray dogs. The stray dogs stayed up to the end of the funeral ceremony.

This was a way for the stray dogs to express their respect and gratitude towards the woman. They just came to say goodbye to the kind-hearted woman.

The dog’s love is seen very evidently. They will miss the woman who loved and cared about them. The dogs looked so sad and hopeless. Rest in peace, kind and generous woman.

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