The retired police dog starts crying when he sees his former handler


A police dog which retired could not conceal his tears when he saw his former handler. The heartwarming scene was caught by a camera.

This makes everybody’s heart melt. The handler made a decision to visit the dog.

The dog was eight years old. He worked as a sniffer dog in a security chechpoint in China. He is a German shepherd. In 2019 the handler and the dog seperated.

They have not seen each other for a long time. The dog named Wanwang was adopted by a kind family after being retired. The man continues to work as a patrol officer.

When he visited the dog he was patrolling nearby the house where the dog lives. The dog began to cry as he saw his former handler. The dog started to jump around his handler.

The dog expressed his true feelings and love and missing towards his former handler. This is a true example that dogs are true friends of human beings.

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