A dog left abandoned with a terrible health state is adopted now. He is described as a young boy in an old man’s body


A dog left in the streets abandoned and neglected was rescued by a passerby. The dog had no fur. He was in a terrible state.

The passerby took the dog to an animal rescue company in Singapore. The dog was named Bobby. The photo of the dog was dowloaded in the social media.

The dog interested many people. A woman named Angela Mah is a dog lover. She wanted to help about medical care, but it was fully paid.

Mah’s dog passed away who was 14 years and she wanted to adopt the dog Bobby. The dog is eleven years old.

The woman has had dogs for 30 years. She has had six dogs. The dog’s face expression interests many passerbies who see him as the dog is very friendly and sociable.

Now she has lived some days with the dog the woman calls the dog as a young boy but with an old man’s body.

The dog’s fur is growing and his ribs are not seen evidently. A senior dog is good at walking. He is always with the woman and he is like a cat. The dog has his own bed. He is loved and taken care of.

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