The man began to cry when he pulled his lost dog from the foxhole


It is very heratbreaking when you lose your favoutite pet. That is why the owners of pets always keep their pet nearby.

The man who is a life coach lost his previous dog. He made a desicion to adopt a dog to overcome his grief. The dog was named Mitzi. The man was 49 years old.

The dog and the man became inseperable and had tight bond. The owner of the dog used to call the dog as a business partner.

Unluckily, when the dog was one year old, the dog got lost. Mitzi was afraid of another dog that is why he ran away. The man looked for the dog everywhere, but useless.

The man searched for the dog all night long. The man thought that the dog would pass away. He was heartbroken.

The next day the man put the photo on social media having a hope to find the dog in this way. After some time he got a call that his dog was sniffing in a fox hole.

When the man heard the cry of the dog he began to pull him out of the hole. Strangers also helped to do this.

When the man pulled him out their reunion was so heart touching. All the present people began to cry. At last this was a Christmas gift for the man he got out of the terrible nightmare.

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