Finally the dog and her owner meet after two years being apart. The dog even faints from happiness


A woman lost her dog two years ago. The owner even lost her hope to see the dog again. The dog was named Casey. He was a breed of Schnauzer.

The dog Casey was missing. Her owner went to Slovenia to work and live there. After two years she returned Pennsylvania and finally met the dog.

Their reuinon was so exciting. The woman named Rebecca could hardly resist herself.

She reunited with her dog after not having seen for already two years. Her eyes were full of tears.They were both excited and full of joy. They hugged each other and the dog moved her tail, jumped at the woman showing her true emotions.

The dog suddently seemed to pass out as she lay in a side without moving. The dog was immeditely taken to a vet. Shee was examined carefully. The vet said the dog was in a good health state.

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