Heartwarming video. A courageous and faithful dog rescued the life of his furry friend stuck in the snow


A faithful German Shepherd saved the life of his friend pit bull stuck in the snow.

The courageous dog and his friend went for a walk very frequently. The pit bull was named Knuckles.

The other dog was named Kanawha. The German Shepherd was always with the dog and helped her in every difficult situation.

The owner of the dogs Brian Wagner made a desicion to take the two dogs outdoors to play. Unluckily, suddenly the snowstorm started.

The small Knuckles got stuck and could not get out of the heavy snow.

Kanawha noticed the dog struggling to make a way to move in the snow and he jumped cleaning the road of the puppy. The brave dog saved his furry friend.

Here is the brave act of the dog :

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