An emotional reunion. The lost dog was found after 290 days missing


This story is about a Boston Terrier who was lost for already 290 days. The family was just enjoying their holiday in Ocean City when this case happened.

Unfortunately, their dog was lost. The two years old dog went missing. The family was celebrating the 4th of July.

They became very excited and made every effort to find the dog. They even spread fliers with the picture of the dog. They applied to the police.

They did not give up and they did not leave the Ocean City and stayed there until they found their puppy. They even raised fund to search for the puppy.

They did not lose their hope and went on searching their dog named Fisher. They spread information about the loss of the dog in social media and tried to find the dog in this way.

After 290 days the dog was found by Wayne Horn who posted the photo of the dog. She saw the dog in the road and gave water. The dog stayed with her and did not leave.

Elissa saw the picture of the dog and was quite sure he was his dog. The family drove five hours to meet the dog.

Now they are reunited and their meeting was so emotinal. They finally met after 290 days. This is due to their hope that they found their loss puppy after such a long period of time.

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