The mother dog cried for help because she was exhausted and was not able to take care of her puppies


The mother dog begged for help as she was weak and could not feed her puppies.

The mother dog has three puppies. The puppies cry for help as they do not have anything to eat. The puppies look tired.

The poor puppies lived their life poor and exhausted since they were born.The mother dog did not have milk to feed her puppies.

They were noticed by a woman. The dogs were taken to a vet. One of the pets was ill, the other two were healthy.

The mother dog was cured there. The mother dog and the puppies were fed and looked after properly.

After two months in the animal shelter, the mother dog felt better and could take care of her puppies. She could feed the three puppies. Nowdays the mother dog gained weigh and looks prettier day after day.

The mother dog and the three puppies were saved and rescued by a kind hearted family. Now they live happily.

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