The orphan puppy started to cry when he was reunited with the cow who looked after him


Animals from different species can have a unique and tight bond. That is why there are friendship between different animals that surprise people.

This story is about true friendship between a cow and a dog. They have an incredible friendship. The family did notice the special bond between the cow and the dog.

Unluckily, the family had to sell the cow. That time they understood that Rookie the dog had a strong bond with the cow.

The cow raised him and was a mother for him. The dog was adopted when he was a little puppy. The cow look after and took care of the dog attentively and was a mother for the dog.

The dog was heartbroken when he saw the cow on a truck ready to be sold. The dog filled his eyes with tears.

The dog ran after the truck and the owner called him. But the dog ignored the owner’s callings. The owner could bring back the dog. The dog was very upset. He refused to drink or to eat.

The only way to make the faded dog to become happy was to bring the cow back. The next day the owner brought the cow back as he wanted to see the dog happy.

When the two met they both were too excited and were full of joy. The dog is so sensitive. They are both happy to be reunited together.

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