A homeless boy saves a dog and they become true friends. They both bring happiness to each other


A boy who wanders in the streets and does not have home has a true friend. The boy’s name is Rommel Quemenales. He lives in Philippines.

A photographer named Maria Kabs took pictures of this boy and the dog. The boy is homeless but he found a way to make his life meaningful taking care and looking after a dog.

Even they lived in poverty but they found happiness living together. They are content with their living. They do not feel alone as they have one another.

The photographer downloaded the photos of this boy and the dog. The boy has a very sad story as his mother and father divorced.

He has a sister and sometimes goes to see her. The boy is happy to have this furry four-legged friend.

The dog is named Badge. Badge and the boy spend all day together. They consider themselves to be lucky. We hope that they will have a better living after some time.

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