A kind hearted dog gives his food to the stray cat starving from hunger


A dog gives the hungry stray cat his food. The dog is named Pudding.A dog and a cat are considered to be always quarreling together.

The dog and the cat do not get along together. But in thr case they just act so kind towards each other.

A video downloaded from China shows how a dog brings his plate full of pork meat to give it to the stray and hungry feline.

A video shows that thr dog brings forth the plate to the starving cat to feed him.The video was shot by the owner of the dog. He is named Ms. Fu.

The cat is very shy at first, but after some time the dog gives in.The dog is a very kind soul and an angel for this cat.

The video has become famous as the dog is a true example that animals can also be generous and kind towards people. People can learn many things from animals.

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