Two police officers save two frightened dogs and do not leave them alone until the help arrives


It was cold night when Patrick Hennesy went home from work. It seemed that he only wanted to go home and warm up.

On his way home he noticed two pit bulls cuddled up on one side of the road.

Hennesy stopped hia car to see what happened to these dogs. One of the dog was bleeding. A car may have hit the poor dog.

The two dogs were injured and were in need of help and care. The man made a desicion to ring up the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

The two police officers came to the place very quickly. The dogs were very frightened and were bleeding. The ground was covered with blood.

The officers did everything to stop the bleeding until Orange County Animal Services came to the place and took the puppies.

The dogs licked and hugged the officers as a sign of gratitude. They realized that they were there to help them.

The officers hugged the dogs to warm up and comfort the puppies. Even they were cold they did not leave the puppies in need of help.

The animal service came and took the dogs to care of them. After some time the two dogs became very brave and happy due to these men.

The officers sometimes visited the puppies and were happy to see both of them happy and loved.

They gave names the two dogs. One dog was called Liberty, the other Justice. Nowadays the dogs seem to be the happiest dogs in the shelter.

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