A small puppy was left abandoned in the box outside of the supermarket. The puppy was crying in need of help


A small dog was seen in front of supermarket. The dog was crying as he needed help and care.

Takis Sanctuary works as an organisation which helps and looks after abandoned dogs left outdoors.

The poor puppy was left in the box and when Takis team heard about this puppy the rescue team came to the place and took the puppy.

Takis animal shelter treated the hopeless puppy as well as examined him carefully.

The puppy was well fed and taken care of. He slept well and was surrounded with love.

The puppy is so friendly with other canines. It does not matter that the puppy is the smallest in the shelter.

The puppy gets on well with his furry friends. The puppy has a wonderful personality.

How could such cute puppy be left alone in the street. The puppy will be adopted soon and will have a forever home.

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