The dog was devastatingly sobbing when he realized he was abandoned by his family


A dog named Blue or Blue King was adopted from animal shelter. The dog was fond of the family. He made the family happy.

When the family made a desicion to move another place they left their dog in the shelter and did not have an intention to come back.

The dog waited for his owners to return. His eyes were full of tears. He did not lose his hope to see his family again.

The dog thought that he was useless that is why they left him. The shelter staff gave the dog food but he refused to eat.

The dog was in a stressful situation. He did not move his tail and turned away as the shelter members came.

The shelter staff put the picture of the dog in social media. The dog was in grief.

A woman named Jeniffer Mckay adopted the dog. She tried his best to make the dog to give up the thought of being abandoned.

Now the dog lives happily and lively. He is surrounded with love and care. He will never have a reason to cry.

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