A true hero. The dog dives in the deep river and rescues a drowning boy


A Bulldog mix named Max saved the boy who was drowning. Dogs who rescue lives they are really considered to be heros. Max is also a hero.

Pit bulls are thought to be as bully breed but this dog proves that pit bulls are sweet dogs. If Max did not go to rescue the boy, the boy will not have lived.

Dogs are water loving animals. Rob Osborn and his dog were wandering near the sandy shore in Australia.

Osbourne noticed the boy in trouble pointed the boy to the dog. The tide took the boy to the rocks and deep part of the river.

The dog had a life vest and as he got nearer Osbourne encouraged the boy to call the name Max so that Max swam towards him.

When the dog took the boy, the boy felt good as he knew he was in good paws. The mother was waiting for her boy.

Now the owner of the dog is proud as the dog is a real hero. Max is a courageous dog. Thanks to the dog the boy is rescued.

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