The neglected dog started to cry from happiness when he was looked after for the first time in his life


A puppy started to cry when he was looked after for the first time in the life. The dog was named Bonggu. The puppy was 9 months old.

He had overcome many difficulties during his life. The dog was left alone by his owner.

The family moved to other place as their child got sick and they could not take care of the puppy.

The dog was chained in the veranda. He was neglected and left without food. He was locked and he cried for help for many days.

The dog Bonggu was rescued by an old woman. Thanks to her the dog is saved.

When she heard the cries of the puppy, the woman made an effort to help the puppy in despair.

When the woman brought the puppy her home. She covered the puppy with a cover. The dog began to cry as he was looked after for the first time.

The puppy was well fed here. He was crying as a sign of happiness. The dog lives with the old woman for already 2 weeks.

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