Two stray dogs were seen to protect the blind old woman lying in the muddy bank of the river


Dogs are loyal and true friends of human beings. They are always be their owner’s side in any situation.

They do not even think what social position their owner has.The love of dogs is unconditional towards their owners.

They do not care what the history of their owner is.Ake Srisuwan from Thailand posted a touching and emotion photos in social media.

Two dogs were seen guarding a woman who was sleeping in the bank of the river. The river was muddy and the dogs were looking at this destination very attentively.

The man came closer to see whether the woman was alive or dead. The dogs were  covered in mud but they did not care.

They even did not go away when they saw the man came to help the woman. They were guarding and did not want to leave the old woman.

Ake was worried he wanted to find an explanation why this woman did so. He asked people whether they knew the woman and some people told him that the woman was homeless she might be drunk. She was blind.

They even said no matter where the woman went the two dogs were always by her side. The woman did not even know how she slept in the muddy bank of the river.

Ake was surprised how devoted the dogs were to their owner. Ake sent the woman and the dogs to the hospital for the proper treatment.

Akea was touched how the dogs loved their owner. The  protective attitude of stray dogs  towards their owner.

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