A puppy thanked the woman who saved his life. The dog put his head in the woman’s arms as a sign of gratefulness


A few puppies were wandering near the rubbish bin. The rescue organization called St. Louis wandering rescue team got a call about these dogs.

Gratefully, rescuers came to the place to rescue the puppy on time. The dog had wounds on his body.

The dog named Chowder is so lively and friendly towards people although he has faced many obstacles.

The woman named Donna came closer to the puppy. The puppy was used as a dogfighter. The dog had overcome many difficulties.

When Donna took the dog and put him in the car. The dog put his face in the arms of the woman. It was a sign of feeling safe and warm.

The most important thing is that Chowder will be cured and will be adopted very soon. He will have a forever home.

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