A dog risks his life running through traffic to rescue his owner who was badly injured


A dog runs through traffic having a great desire to rescue his owner. He wanted to ask for help for his owner who was injured.

The only thing that the dog thought about was his owner. He just wanted to save him. The worried dog was noticed by a vet and her husband.

The vet wanted to assist the dog and when they wanted to come closer, the dog ran away. The dog led them to his injured owner lying on the ground.

The vet called an ambulance.When the ambulance came to take the man, the dog refused to leave his owner’s side. The paramedics did not let the dog in the vehicle.

The vet took the dog to the vet clinic. They visted the owner of the dog who was in hospital. The dog was named Chiquita.

As the man and his owner had lived in the streets, the vet and her husband will do everthing to provide them good living conditions.

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