A kind man noticed a shivering dog suffering from severe cold and acted very quickly


A dog was left outdoors. The dog was shivering from cold. The dog was left outside of the post office as the owner thought that the dog won’t catch a cold.

The dog was noticed by a man. Even many people think that dogs can resist cold weather as they have thick coat and origins,in this case it did not work.

The dog was just suffering from cold -20 degrees. The dog was cold from strong frost. A stranger came in time to rescue the dog.

The owner of the dog thought that it would take a few minutes and she will return soon. She was mistaken. The stranger gave warmth to the dog clinging to his lap.

The dog had a guardian angel and this man really saved him until his owner came.

This story shows that animals also have feelings and they as humans can not withstand harsh weather conditions.

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