A heartwarming story. The lost dog started to cry when he was found by his owner


A dog was brought to the animal shelter. He was different from other dogs. He was not sociable and did not behave as other dogs.

Even when visitors came he was not pleased to see anyone on the contrast other dogs adored the love and attention of people.

But the dog named Roscoe was not sociable and was indifferent to people.

The shelter staff members did their best, but the dog was anxious and showed displeased face.

The staff decided to understand why the dog behaved so. They downloaded his photo in social media.

A man responded that dog was his lost dog. The dog was lost three years ago. He even added that he looked for the dog everywhere but in vain.

When the man came to the fence of the shelter. The dog ran to the fence sniffing. He ran to hug his owner and wagged his tail as a sign of happiness. The dog did not behave so in the past.

The man began to cry seeing his dog in such a state. Luckily, they are reunited and live happily together.

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