A kind dog comforts and pacifies the injured fawn found in his owner’s ranch


A devoted and kind dog pacifies and supports a fawn found in the ranch. The fawn was badly injured.

The dog was by his side all the time helping him until the support came.

Dogs are famous for their ability to help those in need of support. Dogs are kind and generous always wanting to help.

The eyes of the deer were infected and the deer had problems connected with health.

The owner of the dog helped the poor dear taking it to a vet he did not leave him alone.

The dog was named Zoey and the deer was named Bambi. The dog looked after the deer and was so gentle to him. The scene of their special friendship was so heartwarming and touching.

The deer and the dog had a very unique bond caring and loving towards each other.The baby deer was taken to a goat farm where he lived cheerfully.

He was healthy and her eyes were cured and ticks disappeared. The deer will be adopted and will have a forever home soon.

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