A heroic act. Two brave boys rescue three dogs from the burning house


The two boys rescued three dogs from the neghbors’ burning house. Thanks to their quick thinking and actions the three canines are alive.

The boys were in the proper place at the proper time. One of the boy was named Mario Comella. He is 13 years old. The other dog was named Anthony Lombard. He is 12 years old.

The boys were riding their bicylces and at the same time they saw smoke coming from burning house. The boys acted very rapidely to rescue the hopeless dogs.

One of the dogs was named Boo. The other dog was named Faith. Mario even entered the house to save the third dog named Chase. The dog is a German shepherd.

The barking of the dogs made the boys save the dogs.  The homeowners were in the nearby restaurant. They thanked the boys for their heroic and brave act.

Here is the video of the two brave boys:

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