A loyal dog waited for his owner who left him on the one side of the road


A hopeless dog was left on one side of the road by his owners. The dog did not lose his hope that his owners would return soon. He did not give up and waited for them.

A motorist wanted to help the dog. He came to see the dog and gave food. He visited the dog ebery day to see if his owner came to take him.

Those people who wanted to support the dog gave umbrellas so that he sheltered there and protected himself from sun and rain.

The dog was so determined that he continued to look at the direction where his owners drove their car.

He did not want to leave his place as he thought he would miss his owner when he drove his car.

The photos of the dog was spread in the social media. Soon the dog was rescued by a Soi Dog Rescue organization. The dog was soon adopted and will live his life happily.

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