A golden retriever stops to greet the strangers by giving hugs and holding their hands


A dog of a golden retriever loves to go for a walk and give hugs to strangers. He does this every day.

Dogs are true friends of people. This dog is a true example of this statement.They spread love, warmth and loyality.

This dog is named Louboutina and people call him Loubie for short. The dog does not stop giving hugs and spreading warmth. He cuddles and licks people.

The dog goes for a walk with his owner named Cesar Fernandez-Chavez. The dog makes his owner stop and wraps his furry legs on the strangers knees. He just hugs them.

Their walk is not a simple walk but an interesting walk during which the dog keeps hugging strangers. Before hugging people the dog used to hold from their hands.

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