A brave wolf dog rescued the life of the elderly blind horse and his owner


A dog who is half wolf is named Biyou. The wolf dog rescued a blind horse and his owner. The two were stuck in the icy water.

A couple Lisa and Calvin kept many horses in their farm. They were from Ohio. Lisa passed a serious surgery.

All the horses came from pasture but the woman noticed that one horse was missing. The missing horse was Cass an old blind horse and Lisa has known him since he was a foal.

The senior horse had fallen in the frozen lake. Lisa went after the horse to look for him. Lisa felt bad after operation.

When she found the horse she tried to hold the horse back but she herself fell into the frozen lake. Lisa thought this was the end.


Luckily, Lisa’s dog felt something was wrong and started to look for them. Fortunately, thanks to the dog the senior horse and Lisa are safe and sound.

Here is the video:

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