A heart touching scene. The devoted dog does not leave his owner’s side who was run over by the train


This is a heart touching scene how the dog does not leave his owner’s side who was badly hit by a train. Unluckily, the man passed away.

The man hit by the train was 57 years old. He was named Victor Reyna Vazquez. The man was drunk and that is why he did not notice the train and was run over by the train.

The owner of the dog was alcoholic and his dog always accompanied him. The dog refused to go anywhere and lay on the owner’s body.

The crew of exigency made efforts to take the dog from the scene.Soon the dog will be taken and adopted by a lovely family.

This dog is a true example that dogs are devoted and best friends for life. They never leave their friends side and are with them even until the last moment of their life.

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