A kind man rescued puppies who were on the edge of death from freezing cold and he reunited them with their mother


A man saved puppies from snowstorm. The puppies were on the edge of death. It was freezing cold in the streets of Serbia.

The mother of the puppies was named Hera. She made effort to find a shelter and food for the puppies in a hopeless state. The mother dog was taken from the street by a traveler. The man could find the puppies of the mother dog by the paw prints.

The mother dog ran after cars begging for help. Milan a member of a rescue team did everything to help the puppies. The puppies refused to go out the pipe.

After many efforts the puppies were taken by this kind man. The puppies are safe and sound now.

The man struggled up to the end and never lost his hope to make the puppies come with him and reunited the puppies with their mom again.

Here is the video:

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