A rescued dog does not leave the reporter’s side by hugging and holding him tightly till the reporter decides to adopt the innocent puppy


Dogs are considered to be devoted friends to people. They do not think about the social status of the man whether the man is rich or poor.

This story is about a reporter who visited an animal shelter to report about thier stories about animals. What expected him he did not even think about.

When the reporter entered the building a dog came and hugged him so tight and did not want to leave his side.

The man did not even give the dog something to eat or to drink. The lovely dog expressed his true love towards the person. The dog held tightly to the man.

Everybody were touched by this scene and knew that the dog will not leave the man.

The dog was for this man and the man became connected to the dog and made a desicion to adopt the puppy. The innocent puppy was just for him. Now the dog has a loving forever home.

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