A vet vaccinates dogs in a very funny and lovely way making it something they really enjoy


A veterinarian has a lovely way to vaccinate the puppies without them noticing. The vet does not act quickly seeing the dog.

The man does not come to the dog with a frightening needle. He knows that it is very stressful for the dogs when they visit vets especially when they come for being given shots.

The vet whose name is Andre Santos has a unique way approaching these cute creatures.

The vet is well known in the clinic situated in Portugal. He just plays games and during that time he vaccinates the dog unnoticably.

The man does not let them be afriad of him or tramautized. He does these shots even by dancing. People even say that he makes the dogs both happy and healthy.

Santos makes the visit to a vet as a thing that dogs wait with love. He just found a way to lower their stress and anxiety. Every time he does a procedure he has a positive impact on his patients.

Here is the video:

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