A kind policeman adopts a stray puppy that he rescued when he was on his duty


It ia very heartbreaking when people leave their dogs or cats in a hopeless state. They even put the dog or the cat in a small box outdoors.

Luckily, there are still people who just care and always give hands those in need of help.

This story is a true example that there are still kind people and humanity still exists. A police officer who works in New Jersey saved a pit bull who was just 14 weeks old.

After rescueing the cute puppy he went back miles to see whether the dog is safe and sound. He decided to adopt the abandoned puppy as the dog’s owner did not appear and the dog did not have a microchip.

The police officer whose name is Matthew O’Hanlon and his colleagues rescued the puppy left in the industrial area. The pit bull had wounds and the police officer took the dog to an animal shelter.

After leaving the dog at the shehlter the man returned and adopted the dog. The dog was looked after and taken care of.

As the officer and his fiance loved Marvel, they named the dog Thor.Fortunately, the dog has a forever home where he is loved and surrounded with care.

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