A touching video. A kind-hearted vet cradles and treats the scared and crying puppy like a baby after surgery


This is a very heartwarming story about a puppy who was luckily rescued from very hazardous life. The dog was suffering left near the litter.

The puppy and his brother were rescued but they had many health problems. The dogs lived in fear and their state was traumatizing.

The dog named Meesha was six weeks old. His brother was named Charlie. The dog had a very difficult time after surgery.

Luckily, the dog was in the hands of such a kind vet. The scene how the vet rocks the dog as a baby is very touching.

He tried to calm the puppy in this way as the puppy was scared and in a bad state.

The dog was in pain but the vet could comfort him in this way. Thanks to the hospital staff and especially this surgical assistant whose name is Dennis Mosses.

Here is the sweet video:

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