A 10-year-old boy raises money to buy and provide bullet proof vests for the police and military dogs


A boy whose name is Brady Snakovsky has found a way to give bullet proof vests for the K9 dogs. He is only 10 years old. He lives in Ohio.

The boy was watching TV with his family when he noticed K9 dog did not wear a bullet proof vest. On the contrast his handler was protected.

Brady’s mom was surprised how his son noticed this and he even decided how to solve this problem.

From this time on Brady’s K9 fund started. This fund raises money for military and police dogs. He could buy four vests due to the GoFundMe page. They have given vests to 257 dogs.

Brady’a fund has supplied vests in 23 states and Canada as well as for miltitary dogs in Afghanistan.

The boy also took part in local project. The project  created a park for dogs giving the dogs and their handlers space to train.

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