A two years old sweet dog meets the 93 years old woman and they become true and inseperable friends


An old woman who is already 93 years old has lived alone . Her name is Sally. She became a widow for 30 years.

The woman made friends with a neighborhood dog. The dog and the woman are inseperable friends. The old woman was always surrounded with animals as they had a farm in Holland.

The woman has a deep love towards animals especially dogs. She did not have any pets but the her neighbour’s dog became her close friend.

The neighbours of the woman had a dog named Blizzard who passed away. After that they brought a new dog named Brody.

Brody became connected with the old lady. They are seen walking together. The dog fills the alone day of the old woman. He brought joy and love in her life.

The dog accompanies the woman in the yard and the woman stops feeling alone any more. The dog even came and put his large paw on the window of the woman’s house as if he is calling the woman.

Unluckily, the old woman had health problems and was moved to senior living facility. The dog suffered and was in grief. He really missed the old woman.

The dog came to the house of the woman and put his paw on the window hoping that the woman would have returned.

The owner of the dog saw the bad state of the dog and took the dog to the senior living facility to visit the old woman.

Their reunion was so heartmelting. They both missed each other. This is a true friendship between the dog and the woman. The world became brighter for both of them after meeting each other again.

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