A kind woman rescued a stray and terrified dog who became lost during heavy snowfall


A woman whose name is Kristina was driving her car on the highway when she noticed a freezing dog on one side of the road.

She stopped her car to save the dog wandering in the severe cold. The dog looked hopeless and did not trust the woman at first. The dog is a breed of Labrador.

The woman tried to get the dog into the car. It was rather difficult but after some time the dog got into the car. The dog was scared and terrified. But he needed someone to assist him.

As the woman was coming from shopping from the supermarket she had tortillas and used them to feed the dog and get him into the car. It was already 30 minutes that the woman tried to get him into the car.

The dog hopped into the car as if he understood that the woman would rescue him from this hazardous life. The woman did not even notice that the scene is being captured by someone.

It turned out that this kind hearted woman rescued many dogs as she is fond of this innocent creatures.

The woman put the picture of the rescued dog and wanted to find out whether the dog has a family.

If there will not be anybody to respond the dog will be adopted and will have a forever home. Thanks to this generous and kind woman the dog is safe and sound now.

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