A funny video.A retired man built a special dog train to take his rescued dogs for little trips


An old man who is already 87 years old was retired. His name is Eugene Bostick. Now he devotes his life working as a train conductor. He is a train conductor for the stray dogs that he looks after.

He did not even think that his golden years will be devoted to rescueing the pups and making their days brighter.

The man and his brother feed stray dogs and take care of them. Besides this, the man found a way to make the dogs happy. The dogs have a wide space to run and play in the Bostick’s farm.

The man thought to build a special train for the dogs. He built it to be able to take them to other places. He took plastic barrels and made holes in them and attaches them together putting wheels under them. He built a special dog train.

The dog train was created in this way. The old man can be seen taking his nine rescued dogs for a trip by this train. He takes the dogs to breath fresh air in the streets which are quiet and not busy.

The man attrats the attention of the locals. They ask him to take picture of him and his cute dogs. He is such a kind hearted man.

The locals praise him for his good act. The man says that he will continue making the days of his puppies happier and brighter as long as he can.

Here is the video:

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