A tiny dog is very happy and does not stop smiling that her family remembered and celebrated her birthday in such a special way


This cute dog named Daisy is a real happiness to her family. The dog is a breed of Chihuahua. The dog has a big smile that makes her family member’s day brighter.


Daisy is loved and is always surrounded with care. It was her 15th birthday and her family members wanted to make her birthday a special one.

They decorated the house in a special way and even brought a cake for the dog. The dog’s smile became bigger seeing the cake.

When the dog saw her cake her eyes were filled with tears of happiness and joy. The dog felt appreciated and very important member of the family.

Daisy is always the heart of the family. She is a true, devoted, energetic and positive companion. She never leaves her family members sad.

This was a great opportunity for the family to show how much the dog means for them. Her cake featured her appearance. She enjoyed every second of that day.

The dog expressed her true feelings giving cuddles and kissing her family members. All the family members just adore her. As the dog gets older she enjoys every party arranged for her.

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