An abandoned senior dog was adopted by a family and also got a job at the fuel station


A dog named Nego was a senior dog whom his owners left because of his age. The dog was adopted by the proprietors of gas station. The dog was also an employee in the gas station.

The dog has a great success and has achieved a good fame. The customers are pleased with the dog.

The dog greets everyone who enters the gas station. The dog has his own uniform and a name tag attached to his uniform. The dog wags his tail when he sees people.

The dog is very sociable. The dog was not just a stray dog but he was abandoned. That made the adopters very sorry for the smart dog. The couple adopted teh dog without hesitation.

Nego was taken home. He was well fed and had a warm bath. The dog has a big smile on his face that attracts everybody who visits the gas station.

People even come to see him and treat him with goodies. The owners of the dog warned that  people did not give anything to eat the dog as the dog was getting fatter. The dog was given toys from neighborhood.

People just adored the cute creature. He even took breaks but quickly returned to his responsibilities.

Dogs, like Nego, only spread love and make people’s day brighter. Thanks to this dog a charity organization encourages those people who adopt stray dogs and helps to take care of them.

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