A real miracle. The couple rescued a dog lost in the snowy mountains in a freezing cold


A labrador was lost in the mountains for already two weeks. A couple saw the labrador and rescued him. The dog looked very weak and hopeless.

The dog was lost in Wicklow mountains in Ireland. The video of rescueing the lost labrador was downloaded in social media.

The man carried the under-nourished dog in the snowy mountains. It was rather cold but the man did not hesitate but thought about  saving the puppy.

The dog was frozen that is why he could not move. The man carried the dog 10 km and returned to his owner. The couple really made an effort to convince the dog to come with them. At first the dog did not trust the couple.

It was as if the dog understood that he will be taken and be rescued from this cold place.The couple put a coat on the labrador so that he warmed up a little bit. Thanks to these kind hearted people the dog is rescued.

Now the dog lives happily after being fed properly and having a warm shower. The dog was taken to a vet.After some time his health state will be better.

Here is the emotional video:

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