A real struggler for life. A dog suffering from cancer lived until he could see his owner again


A dog named Kermie felt bad and was taken to a vet. It turned out that the dog had cancer. The vets told that there was only two or three months left for the cute puppy.

The dog was rather strong to live and see his owner. The dog waited for his proprietor to come from nine month deployment.

The owner of the dog was Eric Ralston. He worked in the Navy of United States. The man gave his dog to his wife to look after.

When the examination showed his illness. The woman became terrified the dog could not die without seeing his owner. The dog was a real struggler and after three months he met his owner.

The dog was so excited to see his owner that he jumped into the arms of the man. The life of the dog changed abruptly and felt better seeing the man. The appetite of the dog returned.

It was the 12th birthday of the dog the dog stopped struggling for life. The dog passed away surrounded by his beloved family members.

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