A rescued golden retriever thanked firefighters and policemen by giving kisses and hugs


A golden retriever was saved by policemen and firefighters from Falmouth . The bad accident happened in Maine. The temperature was very low from 10 to 30 degrees F.

They worked with much effort to rescue the dog stuck in the drainage pipe which was filled with ice. The dog was pleased as the attention made him forget all the troubles he had being stuck in the drainage pipe.

They did everything possible to rescue the dog. The dog was named Fable. Luckily, the golden retriever was not hurt as they did their work very carefully. The rescue took an hour. The dog was only wet but after some time they dried his hair. The dog was shivering from cold.

The golden retriever was rather young. The dog did not stop kissing the people who rescued him. He gave sweet cuddles. The dog licked the rescuers as a sign of gratitude.

The dog felt the warmth and the feeling of being taken care of. The dog wagged his tail when he felt safety.  This rescue achieved its success due to good and professional teamwork.

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