The Alaskan Malamute becomes a close friend with a blind husky. He changes his life for the better abruptly


Lilian adopted a cute Husky named Sterling. The dog was very energetic and playful. The dog was fond of adventures in Seattle.

Sterling was 7 years old. The dog had a glaucoma. The dog was treated but useless. The dog lost his vision.

His owner made a desicion to make the life of the dog a better one. She did everything possible for the dog.

When the dog lost his vision he fell into a depression. He became very sad and did not want to do anything.

His life changed when he met a dog named Walker. They got along with each other very well.

The Alaskan malamute made friends with the husky. They went for adventures. The husky wore goggles. The two dogs were inseperable.

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