This cute rescued dog Cupid walks with prosphetic legs for the first time after being abandoned near the garbage bin


A dog was left near the garbage bin. The dog was born without front legs. He looked so cute having a heart shaped nose. The dog was 7 weeks old.

The dog was left under the rain in a freezing cold. The dog was named Cupid because of his appearance. Thanks to the dog care organization the dog was rescued and now thrives.

His disabilty of movement is an inborn health problem. First, the pupy was noticed by a man and was brought to this organization. The cute canine was cured and was taken to a vet.

After some time he had already prosthetic legs. Luckily he lives happily now and his fate changed abruptly. He will get used to this prosphetic legs as he is not used to walk or move from the time he was born.

The dog will be adopted soon. Though he has lived a tough life but he will soon live happily as he steals everyone’s heart whom he meets.The dogs just needs time to become familiar with this prosphetic legs.

The dog has a good reputation and is loved and taken care of by the people who love him for his cute look and playful characteristics.

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