The man brought 300 shelter dogs into his house for the sleepover to keep them safe and sound from the dangerous hurricane


All humans have to do towards animals is to give them care and kindness. These creatures always need care and love.

This is a story about a man whose name is Ricardo Pimentel. He has a sanctuary situated in Cancun.

It was supposed that a hurricane is going to occur. He did not leave his dogs wandering outdoors or in the shelter which was not so strong to resist the hurricane.

He had a sanctuary where he kept 500 animals for many years. But now he looks after only the dogs. He helped them to overcome the hazardous hurricane.

He brought dogs to his house. There were nearly 300 dogs. His friends helped him to take the dogs into the house.

It was not easy to gather them in one place. It took five hours before the hurricane made landfall. At first the dogs made a mess as the room was small. After some time they got along with each other and spent the night together in the small room.

The next day they repaired the sanctuary which was badly damaged. Thanks to this man all the dogs are rescued and the kindness of the man is uncomparable. This story makes us believe that humanity still exists. He kept the dogs safe and sound during the hurricane.

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