Video. An emotional reunion. A lost dog was finally found after being lost for 21 days


A woman whose name is Kristin was in a hopeless state. Her favourite dog named Liddie was lost.

The dog was lost before Thanksgiving. He was lost for already 21 days. The woman knew dog will not be able to find the way back home.

The woman did everything to find the canine. The dog meant a lot for him. The dog helped the woman to overcome her illness.

Kristin suffered from cancer and thanks to the dog the woman is still alive. The dog changed her everyday routine.

The dog was left with one of her friends when he went outdoors and got lost. Krisitin posted the picture of the dog so that whoever saw the dog returned the dog to her.

Kristin even suggested a reward. A couple found the dog and returned the dog to the woman. Their reunion was so emotional.The dog looked safe and sound.

The dog was excited seeing her owner. They cuddled and seemed very happy. The dog wagged his tail showing how happy he is to see her owner again.  A really heartwarming scene.

Here is the video:

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