An impressive video. A quick thinking hero dog stops the traffic to rescue her owner from spasm


A woman took her dog for a walk in Ottawa. The name of the owner of the dog is Haley Moore and the name of the dog is Clover. The dog was only one and half years old.

The woman lost consciousness and began seizing. The neighbour’s security camera showed how the dog freed himself from the chain to call somebody to help her owner.

The dog ran to the road to block the traffic. A driver of a track whose name is Dryden Oatway came to help seeing the dog in a despair state.

The family is happy to have such dog as Clover. She is always by the side of Haley and thanks to her the dog is safe and sound.

The man called an ambulance seeing the woman in this state. The dog of a breed of Maremma mix is a real hero. His rapid thinking rescued her owner. The dog attracted the attention of neighbours.

The dog stood on the path risking his life to rescue her owner. The woman is not afraid of anything anympre as she has a friend like the dog. Even if the she loses her consciousness she can rely on her dog.

The dog is a real cute and smart one. She is always in the centre of attention and care.

Here is the impressive video:

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