A good boy. A loyal service dog got his own honorary degree for helping his owner to graduate


Service dogs are very good friends to the people who need help and emotional support. They are so smart and cute. They are devoted to these people who need them.

Here is a story about a girl who has a true four-legged friend. The dog is always by her side. He helps to open and close the doors as well as going and bringing things.

Many dogs were afraid to come near the girl as she had a health problem connected with walking. She uses a wheelchair. The dog named Griffin was the first dog to jump on his knees and lick her face and laps.

The dog proved that he is a friend to rely on. He supported the girl during anxiety and stressful time.

The dog even came to the graduation ceremony as the university allowed the dog to come, too. This was such a heartwarming scene. The dog had passed all this difficult time with the girl.

The dog got a honorary degree. The dog contributed to the success of Brittany. Whenever Brittany has a job the dog will also be with her.

The dog deserves his degree as a honorary degree. Brittany hopes to work with military people and veterans.

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