A real miracle. The Chihuahua left near the dumster was rescued by a kind woman


A woman was going to work when she noticed a cute small Chichuhua near the garbage. She worked in the nearby cafe.

She decided to rescue the sweet dog and took her to a vet. At first she was a little bit afraid as she thought that the dog might have an owner. The dog looked abandoned and frightened.

The vet examined the dog. It was obvious the dog was left in the dirt under the rain and freezing cold. It was a miricale that this woman took the Chihuahua.

She named the dog Karolina.The dog even stayed at the vet one night in order to be examined carefully.

As the dog did not have a microchip the woman could not find the owner of the dog. She took the dog home. The woman has a daughter who just adores playing with the Chihuahua.

The dog makes the day of the family brighter. Thanks to this woman the Chihuahua is rescued and lives happily. It has always been a dream for her daughter to have such dog. The dog is well fed and taken care of.

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